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D’Amico Quarry is the only existing quarry that mines Avondale sandstone and mica schist.  We also sell various other sandstones, micas and granites that we purchase locally so as to offer a much wider array of colors and textures.  Brown and grey are our primary palettes and as such we offer a massive variety of brown and grey color blends using various types of stone to create a unique blend of color and texture.  We are famous for our brown and grey blends though we do offer other colors as well, such as stone that leans toward yellow, blue or even green.  Please browse our thin-veneer gallery and our construction gallery to really see our stone work.

Since we quarry stone instead of just buying/selling stone, we’re able to sell you far more than just stone for the exterior of homes; we offer the same stone we use for housing also for landscaping needs as well!  Perhaps you want some boulders to match the house, or some outdoor steps or walkways, or maybe even a waterfall for your pool area, that’s no problem for us.

On-site, we are equipped with guillotines, diamond-tipped saws and even our own custom-made diamond-wire-saw which give us not only incredibly efficiency but also the capability of making all kinds of custom cuts.  Thanks to our wire-saw, we can provide custom cuts as long as 36″, such as our gigantic Quoin corners, or the custom slabs we did for Longwood Gardens that are cut on 6 sides, all of which you can find in our gallery.

We may be a family-owned small business in Avondale, but we can handle jobs of any size.  Just as an example, Villanova University’s newest dorms are made entirely of our stone, and that was a 4,000-ton job.  We’re always happy to get in on these big jobs, but our real MVP’s are really just great local customers we’ve been working with for many years, mostly masons and contractors and construction companies.  We don’t offer installation but we have many fantastic people we’ve worked with over the years we’d be happy to recommend for your installations.


Hours: 8-4pm M-F & 8-12pm Sat

*Rate dependent on truck type required

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