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A stone quarry in Avondale, Pennsylvania, we offer many great products and services.  We specialize in stone for housing though really we can do anything and we offer a wide array of customization.  Since we work our way from boulder to building stone, we can offer many options a stone retailer cannot, and we’re more than happy to help our customers get exactly what they want.

Our pride and joy is our thin-veneer for housing, which is indistinguishable from full-thickness stone, though we do offer quite a few other options:
Full-thickness veneer
Landscaping stone
Custom cuts
Stone delivery
Stone removal
Stone recycling

Please take a look at our thin-veneer gallery and our construction gallery to see some of our work.  Our galleries have many pictures of our work, from the insides and outsides of homes to the new dorms at Villanova U and the Grotto of Longwood Gardens.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to see some of our stone in-person, our info is right in the Contact Us page in the top right of the window.


Hours: 8-4pm M-F & 8-12pm Sat

*Rate dependent on truck type required

Custom Cut Stone

Custom Cut stone from D'amico Quarry INC

Construction Gallery

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Thin Veneer Stone

D’Amico Quarry, Inc.

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